Darat Alternative Water Source (DAWS) Project Site Installation Subcontract


SUEZ Oil and Gas Systems

Duration of Construction:

09 Sep 2019 - 28 Sep 2021


1. To install 5 numbers of various type of fillers with skids and 3 numbers of pumps,
2. Shutdown tie-in to existing header pipes,
3. Construction pipe support with footing,
4. Supply & install stainless steel instrument mounting stand stanchion with footing,
5. To laid cables for the equipment installed,
6. To install 2 LV panels & 2 HV panels at Control Room/FAR-1,
7. To construct R.C. footings for the new skids and 3 pumps,
8. Grouting work for 5 skids and 3 pumps on top of footing
9. To assist main contractor / SUEZ for Testing & Commissioning Works.